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Top safety tips for new homeowners in Baton Rouge

September 18, 2023
New homeowner getting keys to the house

If you purchased your first home or you’re preparing to, congratulations! It’s an exciting time for you and yours. You might be thinking about how you should customize your residence with paint, furnishings, and decor. But, before you get too far, make certain you give thought to home security as well. Keeping the ones you care about protected should always be a primary emphasis, and we’ll help you do so with the following safety tips for new homeowners in Baton Rouge.

Perform a safety review of your new Baton Rouge property

Now that safety is top of mind, discover what your new home has in place. First, make sure you have working fire alarms. Test each one and replace batteries if necessary. Are there CO detectors? Did you find a water sensor in the cellar? This is also a perfect time to upgrade door locks and inspect all locking mechanisms on windows. Go room-by-room and scope out your new house.

Smart security tips for your Baton Rouge home

Once you’ve completed your initial investigation of safety alarms and locks, you may consider enhancing your property’s defense. Get started with these security tips for your home in Baton Rouge.

  • Install a modern home security system. One of the smartest tools for new homeowners in Baton Rouge is a home security system. Modern wireless advancements let you keep tabs on your home even when you’re not there. You can view live video footage, operate entry locks, and even communicate with guests at your door straight from your smartphone. You may customize with amazing security implements such as video surveillance and monitored safety alarms.
  • Upgrade outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights with motion detection are a smart solution in deterring possible burglars. You might even incorporate them with outdoor cameras. When a motion sensor is tripped, it can instruct your surveillance to record.
  • Keep your property nicely groomed. Do you have an unblocked perspective of your property from the interior? Are there oversized shrubs and trees blocking your view? Remove possible hiding spots for burglars by keeping your yard well groomed. Your neighbors will be grateful for it as well.
  • Meet people in your area. Talking about your neighbors, get to know them. If you are friends with people close to you, there’s a greater chance they’ll inform you if they detect suspicious behavior. You might also get involved in your community’s social media presence if one is available.
  • Take advantage of home automation. If you go with an advanced smart home, you can make it appear like you’re home by illuminating smart lights at programmed moments. This is a great feature when you’re away.

Safeguard your new home with a Vivint security system in Baton Rouge

Enhance the safety of your new residence with a Vivint security system in Baton Rouge. You’ll benefit from modern tools, like monitored safety alarms, smart locking systems, doorbell video cameras, automation, and much more. You can control and access your devices from any location by simply going through the app on your cell phone. Contact Vivint today at (225) 725-8055 to start designing your system.